Coco Coir Block


Grow medium used in organic soil mixes and hydroponic systems.

Roughly makes 60 litres of growing medium

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Coco coir is a universal growing medium used in many different horticultural practises.

Consisting of cut coconut fibre this medium can be added to soil mixes to improve aeration.

Coco coir, the fibrous husk from coconuts used to be thrown away as a waste product. Nowadays It is used as a sustainable replacement to peat moss to aerate soil mixes or used as a medium on its own.

Coco coir has a neutral PH level and unlike peat moss will not throw off the PH in soil mixes.

Coco coir aids in aeration and also increases the rate that water drains through the medium to which it is applied. At the same time its ability to retain water is high thus allowing plants to feed.

Coco coir will not add to the nutrient value of mediums or soils that it is added to, but rather works as a good medium for nutrients to be added to it.

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